3D Project 2

Mount Royal /Walsh Inc. was asked to go to Miami to visit a casino ship called the M/V "Palm Beach Princess". The owners wanted a new insert fabricated to replace the depleted section.

The ship was pressed for time and they needed to determine how the process could be accelerated to shorten the stay in dry-dock. The insert which had to be replaced was in a particular shaped area; I.W.O. Engine Room and below the waterline. MRW was called in because the owners concluded that we were capable to perform the task.

Our technician with certainty proceeded to Miami with our STATE-OF-THE-ART 3D Device, analyzed the situation and determined that the only way that he could gather his data would be from the inside of the ship. With a click of a button he had the exact measurements for the insert. On his return flight to Montreal, the data was entered into his laptop program and without delay we had the 3D design structured. The next step was the fabrication of the new insert, which was prepared in our workshop. On completion we transported the insert to Freeport, Bahamas where the shipyard carried out the installation while the ship was in dry-dock.

To everyone's astonishment, all that was required was one visit and to take measurements using this 3D device; the result was "PERFECTION". As we expected the pre-fabricated insert fit perfectly. Mount Royal /Walsh's aspiration and fulfillment was the satisfaction of our client whom sought an economical method, which drastically improved the docking time.