Our Projects

Bulbous Bow Repairs

A 140 000 GWT Bulk Carrier en-route to Sept-Iles, unknowingly collided with a growler (small iceberg) that caused major damage to it's bulbous bow area. The repair required the renewal of a 50' (15.2 m) long by 30' (9.1. m) high section of shell plate on the port side area, as well as extensive internal repairs. The work required that sections be prefabricated in our shop using our CNC Plasma Cutting Table, transported to the vessel, fitted and welded. The work was carried out in just over 2 weeks with a total renewal of 100 000 pounds (45 400 kgs) of steel, to the full satisfaction of the Owner's representative and Classification and Transport Canada Surveyor's.

Seaway Modification

Major modifications on three (3) Ro Ro class vessels were successfully completed in compliance with both the Panama Canal and St.Lawrence Seaway regulations and requirements. The vessels were modified and fitted with remote control hydraulic folding bridge wings and navigational masts which transformed the shape and size of the vessels to allow them safe transit into the Seaway System and the Panama Canal by the press of a button. All of the engineering and design was performed in house by our own qualified staff.

Bow Damage "Prefabrication"

Emergency repairs were required on a General Cargo Ship that was damaged on the starboard bow shell plating upon its arrival at the Sorel dock. Our initial task was to perform temporary repairs on the damaged area of the ship, approx. 20' (6.1 m) long x 16' (4.9 m) high. The opening was closed with a doubler plate to allow the vessel to proceed on schedule to the Great Lakes for discharging and loading before her return to Montreal for permanent repairs. At that time we were ready to install the newly prefabricated, complex (double radius) shell sections which were assembled in two (2) large pieces complete with brackets and framing as well as the lower section of the "frog-eye". The total weight was 40 000 pounds (18 144 kg) and was successfully installed within 7 days to the full satisfaction of all concerned.


Repairs were required on the starboard bulwark of a container ship which had been damaged in a storm. Measurements were required and taken on site with our High-Tech 3D Measuring Device, which allowed us to obtain the exact measurements needed to prefabricate a new bulwark. The removal and the re-installation of the bulwark was done during the ship's next scheduled short time in port, thus avoiding costly downtime. The bulwark was pre-fabricated and coated in the controlled conditions of our fabrication shop.

A 45' (13.72m) section of cap rail, as well as a 26' (7.92m) long x 8' (2.43m) high section of bulwark, including nine frames, was renewed. All pieces in the prefabrication were cut using our CNC plasma-cutting table, ensuring accuracy. The prefabrication involved the renewal of 7500 lbs (3402 Kg) of steel.

Bulwark Prefabrication Success

The prefabrication, removal and installation was an exceptional success for the reason that it avoided conditions that may have slowed down production such as poor weather conditions, transportation of individual pieces and the ship's regular schedule. By prefabricating the bulwark in our shop, we ensured that both welding and painting were not unduly influenced by weather, temperature or humidity, thus resulting in a better product. It was also a less expensive method of renewal when compared with on site fabrication.

Bridge Window Installation

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Gearbox Overhaul

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Gear Fabrication

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