Seaway Modification

A First in North America

Major modifications on three (3) Ro Ro class vessels were successfully completed in compliance with both the Panama Canal and St.Lawrence Seaway regulations and requirements. The vessels were modified and fitted with remote control hydraulic folding bridge wings and navigational masts which transformed the shape and size of the vessels to allow them safe transit into the Seaway System and Panama Canal by the press of a button. All of the engineering and design was performed in house by our own qualified staff.

equipped with folding bridge wings and navigational masts.

This project is just one of many vessel modifications made in compliance with our North American Seaway Transit System requirements for Great Lakes navigation regulations. Our company specializes in the installation of fairleads, electric-hydraulic winches, wrong-way engine and pitch propeller alarms and the installation of various items such as stern anchors, fenders and the supply of all required equipment for safe transit in the system.

We take pride in performing these tasks in the most efficient way to minimize downtime for the vessel.